Who We Are

Motherhood and Community (MACs) is a local mom’s ministry that journeys together through the joys and trials of motherhood. Through regular meetings, small group events, and the prayerful support of a dedicated leadership team, we work to equip moms to be the best they can be for their families.

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Our wonderful group of moms with children between the ages of infancy and 1st grade meet every Friday for outdoor events that include playdates, farm visits, mini-festivals, mommy-and-me classes, and holiday celebrations. On one Saturday per month, we meet kid-free to eat together, hear from speakers, play games, do crafts, chat about anything and everything, and encourage one another in our parenthood journey.


Each table group has at least one Mentor Mom who has been through these stages of parenthood before. She is an asset and a resource to the moms in her group. She offers advice, prayers, and a shoulder to lean on.


As a Christian ministry, MACs participates in service projects and fundraisers throughout the year. These projects support our local group, the church where we meet (Austin Oaks Church), and the Austin community.

Let’s build something together.

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